The Revolution of Good Girls Revolt Will No Longer Be Televised On Amazon

Screengrab via Amazon.
Screengrab via Amazon.

Good Girls Revolt won over some skeptics who may have been put off by its somewhat hokey representation of real-life events or yet another TV show that feels Mad Men adjacent. Unfortunately, new fans will have follow it on its journey to a different network, if it even continues to air.


Deadline reports that Amazon has opted not to pick up the series for a second season, though they state that the show was ranked as one of the most popular ever amongst Amazon’s female viewers. Columnist Nellie Andreeva writes:

I hear in Women 18-49, Good Girls Revolt delivered the second biggest debut season for an Amazon original series only behind flagship drama Man In the High Castle and its completion rate in the female demo was 80%. Additionally, Good Girls Revolt touches upon a timely subject, gender equality.

A timely subject, that never seems to get less timely. Andreeva speculates that Amazon’s decision is a result of giving a lot of money to Matthew Weiner’s new 8 episode series—about $70 million in fact. Go straight to the source if you want that costume drama reminiscent of a certain AMC favorite. The Hollywood Reporter says that Sony Pictures Television plans to shop the second season elsewhere, and have started the process of getting the rights back from Amazon. You can’t stop the revolution.

Update 2:21 pm:

Kate Arthur of BuzzFeed news spoke with executive producer Dana Calvo, who gave this statement:

Based on data provided to us from Sony, Symphony Advanced Media reported our show was a hit, and we have loyal viewers. Eighty percent of people who watched the first few minutes of the pilot stayed until the last minutes of the finale. We had twice Transparent’s audience. We were stunned by Amazon’s decision, but heartened and encouraged by Sony’s devotion to the project.


Andraste's Flaming Knickers

I’ve really had it up to here with this year. I love this show. And it was really kind of cathartic to binge watch it recently with everything going on. Sad to see how much hasn’t changed, but inspiring to see women working for equal rights. I just feel like we really need something like this now as inspiration, but it feels like Amazon doesn’t care because it’s just a silly women’s issue.

I live in Seattle, I’ll march over to Amazon’s office and demand they rethink this. I can’t take any more this year.