GMA Completely Ignores Australia's Prime Minister's Politics to Focus on Her High Heels

Last week, Julia Gillard, Australia's first female prime minister, gave an epic speech about sexism in front of the House of Representatives. The 15-minute video, in which she delivers a confrontational and impassioned smackdown of opposition leader Tony Abbott's history of misogyny went viral, and Gillard made international headlines. Good Morning America didn't cover the story. And that's totally fine. There's only so much room within the two-hour time slot, there's a lot of domestic news to cover, and Gillard simply hasn't been a running topic on the morning show in the two years since she assumed office—that is, until this morning. When they covered her footwear.


On Wednesday, Gillard made international headlines once again when she was filmed taking a bad fall—nearly on her face—after one of her high heels got stuck in the grass at a press event at the Gandhi memorial in India. (She later addressed the cameras and gave a detailed explanation for men as to how high heels work.)

So today, Gillard finally landed on GMA's radar, as the show devoted nearly four minutes to her tumble in a lighthearted package about the instability of high heels. In the package, they interviewed a doctor, consulted with former America's Next Top Model judge Miss J. (whom Amy Robach erroneously refers to as a "he/she" at one point) and replayed Gillard's fall four times. Progress?



I think it's bullshit that high heels are considered the only 'professional' shoe option for women. It's so so stupid that to look put together and professional you have to wear shoes that make you slightly unsteady and walk slower.

I work in retail and all the women wear flats, sometimes very low wedges. I haven't worn heels in forever and I feel so much better. When I go out, I can't see over anyone at the bar, but I can walk quickly and stay out without taking off my shoes.