Friends Reunion Unable to Be Stopped by the Forces of Nature

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Even though I’ve been hearing about a supposed Friends reunion for the last five years or so—without any such reunion coming to fruition so far—I have an acute sense that it’s inevitable, and will in fact one day happen, probably precisely because I would prefer it didn’t. And because the HBO Max deal for the reunion special has already been finalized, and it’s costing the platform about $20 million. For like, an episode!

The interview special was supposed to coincide with HBO Max’s launch in May, but had not even been shot yet at that time due to covid. But worry not: the forces of nature are no match for this costly fan service. Lisa Kudrow has confirmed that the reunion is still “definitely” happening.

“I pre-shot something for it already, so we’re definitely doing it,” Kudrow told Rob Lowe on his podcast last week. (Side note: Since when does Rob Lowe have a podcast?) Production is set to begin in “early, early spring,” she said.


We’ll see!

I’ve seen no better proof that we’re all bored out of our minds than this Daily Mail headline about how Kylie Jenner got “roasted” on Twitter because of the low water pressure in her massive walk-in shower.

Behold what is passing for a subject of conversation online these days: 


I too am dying for some actual celebrity gossip, but unfortunately this is not it. Please get in touch with me if you have good goss! (Celeb-related or not.)

  • Steve Martin is thrilled to have gotten the covid vaccine, but less thrilled that he cleared the over-65 age requirement to get it. Nonetheless, he called the process “smooth as silk” and said he’s having no side effects. Glad to hear it! [ET]
  • Armie Hammer apologized to the Miss Cayman Islands Universe Committee after referring to a lingerie-clad woman as “Miss Cayman” on his finsta. None of these words make sense to me in this order, even as I’m writing them. [People]
  • Celebrities were apparently really rude to Kelly Clarkson during her American Idol days. Shame on them! [E! Online]
  • Lil Wayne is expected to get a Trump pardon. [Fader]

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Brick HardMeat

As someone who came of age in the 90s in Jersey, with the Manhattan skyline visible from my backyard on a clear day, Friends was kind of this aspirational view of an exciting adulthood I thought I was destined for - lots of dating gorgeous women, fun roommates, all the splendor of New York City right outside the door of my enormous apartment.

I got to date, though certainly nowhere near as much as anyone on Friends did. I had roommates, for two years, and hated them for the most part. I never did move to New York though I did get to live in the heart of some great cities (DC, Seattle). I do remember visiting older friends in the late 90s who lived in lofts and weird commercial spaces that had been converted to residential living - they were spacious, but dumps with literal holes in the walls, and both were in Queens a good drive from Manhattan. 

I did have one friend who ended up living in Manhattan right after college (and working on Broadway!), but when I did visit her place, it was so depressing - sharing a tiny studio apartment with two other people in their early/mid 20s, easily a third the size of Monica and Rachel’s living room.

It’s a strange exercise revisiting the art that shaped your expectations of the world and goals in life, and realizing how far from reality it was.