Saturday Night Social: Much Like Actual Friends, the Show Will Also Not Get Out of My Living Room

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Listen, I will be the first person to admit that I’m absolutely, one-hundred percent going to watch the Friends reunion, which was just announced to be debuting in May on HBO Max, but that doesn’t mean I like it.


Like many people who grew up or were alive and coherent in the 90s, I have some really fond memories of the show. My entire family, like literally all of my aunts and uncles, used to come over to our house on Thursday nights and watch it. It was a sensation!

It undeniably made its mark on pop culture, a fact which we are continually reminded of any time a show featuring more than four characters of relatively similar ages premieres (can we retire the ‘it’s kind of like Friends!’ or ‘it ain’t no Friends!’ critiques please), and we’re all aware that the show hasn’t aged well. We’re also aware (or if not you should be) that Friends was not the first show of its kind, a fact that even some of it’s own stars forget.

My point is, there’s a lot we’re aware of when it comes to Friends and we certainly haven’t stopped being aware of it since it premiered almost three decades ago. As someone who subsists off award show speeches and behind the scenes extras, I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t be glued to my couch for this shit, but maybe after it airs we can all agree this this will be The One Where We All Let Go.

Will you be watching?

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