Emma Watson Is a Better Actor Than We Thought

Beauty and the Beast was wildly popular, and our own Madeleine Davies reported how surprised she was at how much she enjoyed it. Though I personally think the Beast looks like a dead-eyed tree, these videos of Beast actor Dan Stevens in a giant, padded, grey rig are much more endearing. It’s astounding that Emma Watson made it through a single scene without breaking.


Acting is demented.

The Beast’s face is what put me off this movie, to a far greater degree than the Stockholm Syndrome love story that’s aged so poorly. But if there’s a version of the film with just Stevens lurching around looking like a rollie pollie bug larva, it’d be perfect. Look at Emma Watson selling it:

Watson did have plenty of practice with similar effects on the set of Harry Potter. Maybe, at this point, seeing a man not dressed like a fiber Golem or rabid mist is what she finds weird. Anyway, my respect for her has skyrocketed. Give this girl an Oscar.

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I have always said that sci-fi/fantasy actors are seriously underrated. It’s one thing to pull off great depths of emotion over something you have actually experienced/can talk to people who have experienced, it’s another to do it about the consequences of the dragon’s hatchling being caught in a spell crossfire or the spaceship malfunctioning as you head into a supercombusting super nova* or whatever. The human imagination is a pretty cool thing.

*don’t @ me about whether or not that makes sense, I gave as much thought to the science there as about 70% of movie makers do