Elisabeth Hasselbeck Tells Jay Leno "Socially, I Try Not To Get Judge-y"

Um, we beg to differ. Examples follow.

Last night Elisabeth Hasselbeck was on The Tonight Show to promote her forthcoming book The G-Free Diet: A Gluten-Free Survival Guide. Jay, of course, asked her about her political views, pointing out that she's a "real conservative, not a Hollywood conservative," meaning that her conservatism goes beyond fiscal matters. The pro-lifer disagreed, saying that she mainly cares about fiscal matters, and that socially, she tries "not to get judge-y."


Well, we've seen her judge-y.

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she really just has one note.

Ru Paul: i think history will remember Michelle Obama as one of our strongest First Ladies.

Elisabeth: Laura Bush was a strong woman!

Leno: Rush is a little shouty, so is Hannity.

Elisabeth: Keith Olbermann is a little shouty!

I guess she thinks every conversation is like the analogy section of the SAT?