Etheridge Calls Elisabeth Out For Her Support Of Prop 8

This morning, the gay musician and the conservative View co-host wouldn't back down over denying equal rights in the name of religion. Sherri Shepherd was forced by producers to change the subject.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck stuck strong to her Fox News rhetoric of "if you want to compliment our democracy and say 'Yes, we got together and voted on a president, and this is who we want. Hurrah!' And then look at that system of democracy and also call it a failure in the same breath…" Which is conservative speak for "you got your black guy in there fair and square, same as how we stopped the fags from getting out of hand." But even with all of Hasselbeck's "democracy runs this country, God bless the USA" talk, Etheridge referenced Thomas Jefferson when said that the majority should not vote on what the minority is allowed to do. But as hard as she tried, Etheridge couldn't get Hasselbeck to get past the technicality argument and say how she personally feels about gay marriage.


Chris Braak

Hasselback's argument is deeply retarded.

The passage of prop 8 doesn't represent a failure of democracy, it represents a failure of Californians.

And while the system of democracy can still ideologically ideal, there's nothing at all contradictory or hypocritical about saying that groups of people sometimes do good things, and sometimes do bad things.

Of course, what am I saying? What does Elisabeth Hasselback do or say that isn't deeply retarded?