Eligible Bachelor Pete Davidson Is Currently Living in His Mom's Basement

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Saturday Night Live’s Pete Davidson is probably a pretty wealthy guy, which is why it strikes me as somewhat unusual that he lives with his mom post-Ariana Grande breakup, and yet, is still somehow desirable to seriously impressive women like Kate Beckinsale. However, Davidson also strikes me as the kind of 25-year-old dude who would absolutely “let” his mom clean his room and do his laundry—stuff he should’ve been doing his own since adolescence—so, maybe this story checks out: On Thursday, Davidson swung by The Tonight Show and told Jimmy Fallon, “So I live with my mom… well we bought a house together, but nobody believes that. So I live with my mom, kinda.”


He continued: “So I have, like, a basement that’s mine, but that’s, like, an apartment, so I live underneath her.” He also installed an arcade down there to make it, and I quote, “a little mine.” “I was calling it The Man Cave, but the Mulaneys told me that if I call it that they will no longer be my friend,” he added, “So, now I call it The Basement like The Ohio State University. I don’t like that college. It’s the ‘the’ that’s the important part.”

It did not help his case that he wore overalls during the big baby segment. There’s no BDE in sight.

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On Tuesday, Bella Thorne publicly announced her split from Pig Pen rapper Mod Sun. According to E!, she might’ve already moved on? A with a real-ass Italian singer-hunk named Benjamin Mascolo? Good for her!

Photos of the pair making out surfaced this week (a rep told E! Bella and Mod had already split at the time) but dang, are they steamy:


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That’s not all! And let’s be real, it’s never just one thing with Bella: According to TMZ, Mod Sun’s team kicked Thorne out of his house when she attempted to grab her shit when he wasn’t home. Cops were called. It all sounds so very messy.

From the tabloid:

Sources close to the former couple tell TMZ ... Bella waltzed into Mod Sun’s Woodland Hills home unannounced Tuesday night, coming in through a back door when he wasn’t home. We’re told Bella wasn’t supposed to be there and Mod Sun’s team asked her to leave, but she got angry and refused — so they called the police.

Our sources say Bella told Mod Sun’s people she was just there to pick up some personal items ... and she kept rummaging through the house while being asked to get the hell outta there.

Cops responded, but they didn’t arrest Bella ... and we’re told she hit the road without further incident.


Yikes. Apparently she wasn’t even able to grab all her stuff? Still, the most shocking element of all of this is that Mod Sun had a home? And wasn’t just mooching off Thorne? Dang.


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Should I point out that Pete has a serious mental illness, and that living with a parent is maybe not the worst/most pathetic idea for an employed, single adult who struggles with suicidal ideation and other self-harm issues? No? We’re going to continue making fun of everything this person does, even though he’s actually pretty boring and relatively harmless? And continue to stigmatize the idea of people with chronic illnesses living with their parents? Ok. That’s cool.

I live in a shared home with my mom because I have a similar mental health issue to Pete and didn’t think that it would be a good idea to make a romantic partner my support person due to how exhausting that can be for people who don’t literally love you like a mother, but I guess I’m a pathetic loser too. Cool!