Eggnog: Yes or No?

Photo: AP Images.
Photo: AP Images.

On this, the Friday before Christmas, let us turn to an important question: Is eggnog good or bad?


Writer Carmen Maria Machado has an ode to this delicious holiday elixir at the New Yorker:

Eggnog is a childhood indulgence—liquid dessert, made of everything you’d put into a cake, except the flour. I still remember observing with wonder, as a kid, when my parents poured it from the paper carton into very small glasses, theirs enhanced with a splash of rum. Along with pencil-eraser-pink liverwurst, sweetened Cream of Wheat, and fried slices of scrapple, the Pennsylvania Dutch breakfast meat my friend’s mother would press, sizzling, into a scrim of hot oil, eggnog is one of those foods I enjoy as an adult because I enjoyed it so vividly as a child. But it is also a drink whose complex pleasures seem to amplify over time.

Obviously, I agree wholeheartedly with Machado; just as soon as I’m done blogging for the day, I plan to remove a carton of store-bought eggnog from my refrigerator, splash in whatever brown liquor I can find, and kick back with my adult beverage that tastes like melted ice cream. Megan Reynolds agrees with me; Rich Juzwiak reports that this year he’s been enjoying this vegan eggnog, of which I was skeptical, until I realized it contained coconut milk, which sounds delicious.

I understand, however, that opinion is fiercely divided. Mine was not an eggnog household growing up, I believe because my parents find it revolting, even though my grandmother apparently had a pretty good recipe that included a shitload of liquor. Aimée Lutkin, who has never had it, suspects eggnog hate comes from an older generation who actually had to drink the stuff. But perhaps you agree with my colleague Hazel Cills, responded to my query with “wow no” and suspects her dislike for eggnog is probably why she agreed with the post by my former colleague Kara Brown arguing that milk is for babies. Stassa Edwards comes down on the no side, probably because she lives in one of America’s warmest climes and yeah, eggnog is a strictly winter beverages.

So, eggnog—yes or no?



You: Eggnog.

Me, an intellectual: Coquito.