Drama Continues Over Sex and the City 3: Who Is the Evil One?

Image via the AP.
Image via the AP.

Like New York City sewage overflow splashed onto a certain iconic white tutu, the very visible drama continues to destroy any prospect of the Sex and the City crowning threequel. The film is not happening, we know, because sooome people genuinely care and certain other cast members are a bunch of asshole drama queens. But who is the Victim Jessica Parker, and who is the diva back-stabber?


As we know from the first installment of Sex and the City drama, Kim Cattrall, who apparently thinks she’s George Clooney, according to a “source”, demanded that Warner Brothers produce other movies that she was working on or else she wouldn’t move ahead. “The fans would’ve loved the movie but Warner Bros couldn’t give in to her ridiculous demands,” a source told the Daily Mail on September 28th.

The rumors sliced out a convenient little opening for would-be producer Sarah Jessica Parker to remark that evening to extraTV that she was “disappointed.”

We had this beautiful, funny, heartbreaking, joyful, very relatable script and story. It’s not just disappointing that we don’t get to tell the story and have that experience, but more so for that audience that has been so vocal in wanting another movie.

In other words, a certain *somebody* has deprived millions of joy, and you can rule out Sarah Jessica Parker.

On October 2nd, Kim Cattrall told Piers Morgan that she doesn’t get what Sarah Jessica Parker’s “issue” is and (emphasis mine) never has:

This is really where I take to task the people from Sex and the City and specifically Sarah Jessica Parker in that I think she could have been nicer. I really think she could have been nicer. I don’t know what her issue is, I never have.

Cattrall said the “negotiations” consisted of nonstop harassing phone calls despite her pleas not to do another Sex and the City movie (thank you). The nudging developed what felt like a “toxic” relationship, and Sarah Jessica Parker “could be a lot nicer,” by the way.

October 4th: Stanford Blatch implies on Twitter that somebody (not him!) sat through six months of negotiations and then threw everybody under the bus:


Now Cattrall says it’s time to move on, and so should you, cough, cough.

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