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Sex. Celebrity. Politics. With Teeth

Kesha Claims That, In Fact, Taylor Swift Can Come to the Phone

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

In an interview with Rolling Stone published Wednesday, Kesha mentioned again how supportive Taylor Swift was throughout her legal battle with music producer Dr. Luke, and added that she still is very sweet to her.

“[Swift] is a fucking sweetheart,” said Kesha. “Very, very sweet, very, very genuine, extremely generous, picks up the phone every time I call her. My mom doesn’t even always pick up the phone.”

Kesha did not clarify whether she was referring to the old or the new Taylor.

[Vanity Fair]

Love that Sex and the City is in back in the news without there having to be another shitty franchise movie. I feel like Carrie Bradshaw would have some thought-provoking question to pose about all this like: “Are casual passive-aggressive public remarks the new casual sex?”


But I’m glad she doesn’t, because that would mean more Sex and the City content, and I prefer to remember it as it was (minus the last season, sorry). But Stanford Blatch (Willie Garson) feels differently, enough to call Samantha Jones (Kim Cattrall) out for apparently not being 100% truthful about her reasons for not signing on to a third film.


Sam always was the PR maven, what do you expect?


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