Donald Trump Fires Transition Team Member Michael G. Flynn For Spreading Fake News About 'Pizzagate'

Michael G. Flynn walking out of Trump Tower with his father, Lt. General Michael T. Flynn, on November 17, 2016.  (Photo via AP)
Michael G. Flynn walking out of Trump Tower with his father, Lt. General Michael T. Flynn, on November 17, 2016. (Photo via AP)

Michael G. Flynn is the son of Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn, Donald Trump’s pick for national security adviser. Flynn the younger was his father’s chief of staff and top adviser until very recently, when he found himself out of a job for spreading fake news on Twitter about the conspiracy theory surrounding pizzeria Comet Ping Pong and a child sex ring run on behalf of Hillary Clinton.


The younger Flynn, whose Twitter presence includes retweeting everything Mike Cernovich does and arguing with CNN’s Jake Tapper over DM, has been spreading fake news on Twitter for the entire duration of the election. But it was his tweet about Pizzagate that lead to him being “abruptly fired,” reports the New York Times.

Never mind the fact that the Trump transition team paid little to no attention to the behavior of one of their own as the incident Sunday night unfolded. The Times notes that as the news of the shooting started gaining national attention, Flynn continued to retweet conspiracy theories and fan the ever-growing flames of fake news and misinformation, spreading a false theory that the gunman who busted down the doors of a fucking pizza place with a semi-automatic weapon was an actor. His entire feed is a dismal barrage of unproven theories and sausage-fingered rantings with the same blustery pomposity of Donald Trump’s late-night missives, with the tone of a small child who always, always has to have the last word.

Earlier Tuesday, Mike Pence appeared on Morning Joe and said that Lt. Gen. Flynn’s son had “no involvement” in Trump’s transition team. According to the Times, later that morning, Trump campaign spokesman Jason Miller confirmed that Flynn was involved in the campaign but was no longer. The younger Flynn was also reportedly in the process of getting his security clearance, presumably so that he could join his father in the White House while tweeting invective and spreading false news from a position of power.

While we may have dodged a bullet with this dude out of the picture, we stil have to worry about Lt. Gen. Flynn who is certainly no angel. This fun tweet about how the fear of Islam is “rational” is alarming. This man’s temperament is no better than that of the administration he will serve. In his position as national security adviser he could be very, very dangerous. But at least his jackass son is out of the way.

Small favors, I guess.

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This idiotic dipshit epitome of privilege was just weeks away from a White House gig that would have probably set him up for life (not that he isn’t already set up for life), and the only thing that stopped him was stepping on his own dick on Twitter.