Does Anyone Care If Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes Are Dating? All Signs Point to No

Image via Getty, art by Jim Cooke.
Image via Getty, art by Jim Cooke.

This week on DirtCast, we decided to get creative by going out into New York City’s Union Square and talking to the general populace about whether or not they give a shit about Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx’s rumored relationship. It was this mistake that resulted in an unusable segment that we hope will never be heard by human ears.

To set the scene: Bobby thought people cared about Katie and Jamie. I thought they would not. I was right and the only other thing you need to know is this: People reading in the park on a sunny day do not want to be asked about one of the least interesting celebrity couples in history. Try to ask anyway and you, like me, will probably end up having an anxiety attack in the middle of a public square and refusing to go on. C’est la vie! Burn in hell, Katie Holmes/Jamie Foxx segment!


Failed experiments aside, we have a great episode for you this week, featuring spirited discussions about the breakup of Olivia Munn and sport-man Aaron Rodgers, Jax Taylor’s Vanderpump Rules spin-off, Mel B and whether or not she can still lean on the Spice Girls (of course she can!), and Busy Philipps—the best Instagram Stories teller—almost getting murdered in an Uber. What a romp!

Later in the podcast, Bobby digs deep into the bowels of Yelp to find some of the most comical reviews of Lisa Vanderpump’s restaurants SUR and Pump (Villa Blanca was sadly left off the list) and makes me guess which restaurant the review is describing. Spoiler alert: I did not get a perfect score and feel disappointed in myself.

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I care, but only because I want her to be happy after that weird-ass contract marriage and he seems nice.