Don't Worry, Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes Are Still Dating

Photos: Getty Images
Photos: Getty Images

The fact that Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes’s are reportedly dating is a wonderful nibble of gossip, a personal favorite of mine that pops into my head at the strangest of times. Even though we reported that their unconfirmed relationship of over three years ended back in October, Lainey Gossip is here to set the record straight.


They’re still dating. They’re still together. They’re still keeping it extremely low-key, probably because Katie still has stress nightmares about her relationship with Tom Cruise or maybe just because that’s how she likes it.

Here’s the proof: a grainy Instagram photo shot through the plate glass window of a restaurant somewhere in New York.

The woman on the left with the ponytail and the sunglasses and that Joey Potter smile is definitely Katie Holmes. The man on the left in the big-ass hat and the sunglasses is...Jamie Foxx, I guess?

There you have it! There they are. Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes. Still going strong.

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As per a social media research firm called D’Marie Analytics, Beyoncé is the most influential celebrity on Instagram —but I bet you didn’t need a social media research firm that sounds like the name of a mid-range perfume from the 1970s to tell you that.


Using some magical formula of followers, “post reach” and “engagement,” the firm figured out that a single post by Bey on Instagram is worth $1 million. Second to Beyoncé is one Selena Gomez, who would reportedly rake in $775,000 per post, if Instagram posts by celebrities were monetized?

I guess if a brand were lucky enough for Beyoncé to allow them the use of her Instagram account and its massive following, it would cost them $1 million— maybe worth it? Seeing as that will never happen, this is just a fact that you can file away in the section of your brain that holds information about celebrity eyebrow shapes of the 2000s and never access it again.


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JujyMonkey: unstable genius

Is it just me or does gossip seem particularly lifeless post-inauguration? I just don’t give a shit about any of this stuff. Has Trump really drained my joy that much?

Is it me?