Busy Philipps Tells a Harrowing and Hilarious Tale About Escaping a Creepy Uber Ride

Images via screengrab.
Images via screengrab.

Busy Philipps shared a wild story about a nightmarish Uber ride over the weekend that proves her status as the world’s best Instagram user. If her rant about Cat Deeley was worthy of a People’s Choice award, this one (which was at least 30 parts long) deserves an Oscar.


In it, she shares a story that goes something like this: while in an Uber home from a night out, Philipps and her husband, Marc Silverstein, immediately felt like something was amiss. There was a general air of creepiness, so Philipps said something like, “Are we gonna die in this Uber?” Then, well actually, let me quote Silverstein:

And then, from behind us, the light shined on this bearded man, and he said, “I promise that won’t happen.”

Philipps, of course, flipped out. She began screaming things like, “No! No! No! No!” and, “I’m not going to be killed today!” before eventually being let out of the Uber and calling a Lyft to take them the rest of the way home. The story (which Philipps delivered with laughter, not tears) was eventually picked up gossip sites like People, whose dark and serious coverage is particularly funny when compared to the way Philipps delivered it.

Image via Screengrab.
Image via Screengrab.

Of People’s coverage, Philipps said:

I did not realize that was gonna become like an international story. I should have, I guess. You know how much I love People mag dot com, and I made it on there...for the Uber story, but I do kind of sound like an idiot. Maybe I am!


Busy. You’re not. You can watch the entire 8-minute saga below:


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busy’s uber ride sounds fine. after 39 hours stuck in ATL airport, we got an uber from DFW at midnight and our driver would not shut. the fuck. up. telling me all about his son who is semi-pro ice hockey and how he trains all the athletes in texas, etc. etc.

i would’ve preferred he murdered me.