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Dita Von Teese Models World's First 'Fully-Articulated' 3-D Printed Gown

Illustration for article titled Dita Von Teese Models Worlds First Fully-Articulated 3-D Printed Gown

First, it brought us the 3-Dildo. Now, the 3-D printer is delivering a crazy, sexy, cool gown from the future — and it is dope!


Dita Von Teese looks like Star Trek guest star at a deep space ball in this Michael Schmidt and Francis Bitonti designed masterpiece. The creation of this beast involved printing and assembling 17 individual pieces, dyeing them black, and then covering the whole g-d thing in Swarovski crystals. Did we say dope? Because I'LL TAKE TEN.


DVT better not wear this thing anywhere near a Comic Con (or any of its subsidiaries) because she'll be trampled. I'm about to rip it off her body and wear it to go buy groceries. Of course, she's fairly tiny — this would probably fit me like a funky legwarmer, but I don't care. Also, who's ready to purchase their own? Where, where, how much, let's go. 3-D printers for all; I welcome the robots!

[via AdWeek]

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Is Ben Wyatt narrating this?