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Diane Lane Took Kevin Spacey's Job

Image via Getty.
Image via Getty.

Diane Lane has been invited to come prop up this unstable House of Cards after Kevin Spacey got kicked the hell out.


Deadline reports that Lane will be joining the cast along with Greg Kinnear. The only detail available about their characters is that they’re siblings. (Hopefully, evil fraternal twins?) It’s unclear how they will deal with Spacey’s departure, since erasing him entirely has already been taken. Maybe he’ll just be dead.

According to Page Six, Netflix announced that production had resumed on the sixth and final season on Wednesday. The eight episodes will feature Robin Wright as the lead, after Spacey was accused of being a predatory creep and left the show late last year. Spacey has been cancelled, but political intrigue gets a satisfactory conclusion.


Lane has been in high demand—she’s jumping over to House of Cards after being featured in an Amazon anthology series called The Romanoffs. Is there any streaming service that hasn’t benefited from Lane’s glowing onscreen presence? Get in here, Hulu.

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The biggest news in this article is that Amazon is doing a series called The Romanoffs and holy shit am I ready for that.