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House of Cards Will Return in 2018 Without Kevin Spacey

GOODBYE SIR!!! Image: Netflix
GOODBYE SIR!!! Image: Netflix

Though it has been many moons since I’ve been able to sit through an episode of House of Cards, I can say with confidence that the decision to film its final season without Kevin Spacey entirely is something that should’ve happened a long time ago.


Production on the sixth and final season of the show has been on halt since actor Anthony Rapp went on the record with Buzzfeed in October to allege that Spacey made unwanted sexual advances on him when he was 14. Since Rapp’s revelation, numerous other victims have spoken out. Spacey has been entirely removed from Ridley Scott’s already-filmed All the Money in the World and Netflix has severed ties with the actor in the face of these allegations. Now Deadline reports that the final card in the tenuous house that is Spacey’s career has fallen.

The hiatus for the show’s sixth season will end sometime in the new year and when filming resumes, Robin Wright will be the star of the show’s final season. For anyone who stuck with the tiresome machinations of Frank and Claire Underwood up until this point, this decision is likely a welcome relief.

Senior Writer, Jezebel

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