Ciara and Russell Wilson to Fuck, Wed, But Not in That Order

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Russell Wilson popped the question to Ciara and now they are engaged to be married definitely just because they are in love and not because they want to bone.


In a video posted to Instagram, Russell and Ciara announced the news after what looks like a beach proposal. He used the hashtag #truelove, so you know it’s real.


The do-gooder couple first came out publicly last spring and made headlines for being both criminally attractive and somehow practicing celibacy.

The news isn’t all that surprising if you’ve ever taken a look at their social media presences.


And also because, well, sex.

I for one am very happy for the couple, as both a casual Seahawks fan and someone who is always encouraging women to say no to fuckboys. In related news, that diamond is gargantuan.


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That ring is freakin’ massive. (it looks like a round?)

I hope they make it.