Rapper Future went on a brief Twitter tirade Monday alluding to child custody disagreements with his ex-fiancé Ciara. The two have one child together named Future and I feel that it’s necessary to note that Future is the rapper’s stage name.

He began by calling the mother of his child a bitch before lamenting about exorbitant lawyer’s fee’s that are apparently necessary to be able to see his son.


Clearly he’s suggesting that Ciara is trying to keep their son from spending time with his father. It’s also worth noting that Future has four children, including baby Future, with as many women. His successful 2015 album DS2 is a reference to dirty sprite AKA drank AKA sizzurp AKA a mix of codeine and soda.

In August 2015, Future publicly complained about Ciara taking baby Future to visit her boyfriend and celibate devout Christian Russell Wilson at the Seahawks training camp.


Ciara posted a video two days ago of baby Future. Pictures on her Instagram account suggest that baby Future spent the holidays with Ciara and her family.

With perhaps the only silver lining here, it sounds like Future will be channeling his frustration into his music, so I guess get ready for that.


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