Ciara Files $15 Million Defamation Suit Against Future for Calling Her a Bad Mom

Since Ciara and Future broke up in August 2014, it’s the rapper who’s had the most to say about it, up to and including his most recent album EVOL, which includes numerous allusions to what could be construed as his ex. (On “Little Haiti Baby,” he raps, “You want an R&B chick? Shawty, it ain’t nothin’ to get her.”)


That’s all subjective, though, and up to the interpretation of the listener in Future’s capacity to use creative license as an artist. But what might not fall under this creative license, Ciara is alleging in a $15 million lawsuit, are Future’s comments in interviews and on Twitter about her fitness as a mother to their toddler, Future Zahir Wilburn.

TMZ obtained the suit:

Ciara calls out Future for a radio interview in which he discussed a now infamous photo of Wilson pushing Ciara and Future’s son in his stroller. Future said, “She probably set him [Russell] up. You letting them catch that photo. Leave my son out of all the publicity stunts.”

Ciara points out several other interviews, but she’s also pissed about her baby daddy’s Twitter rant in January when Future said, “This bitch got control problems ... I gotta go through lawyers to see baby future ... the f***ery for 15k a month.”


Ciara, who says dad Future and son Future have spent “at least 19 visitations (some spanning several days) since December 2014,” is suing for libel and slander, and to block Future from mentioning their son in public forums (including deleting his Tweets).

Neither Future nor his lawyers have yet publicly responded.

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I hope she wins.

Sidenote. I know folks like to give people the benefit of the doubt but here’s a pro tip: If a man has more than one kid by more than one woman and he’s never married either, he’s not the type of man you’re looking for UNLESS you want to be a single mom. Period. I’m sure she knows this now though.