Chrissy Teigen Reportedly Drops Guest Role in Netflix Series Amid Bullying Backlash

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Chrissy Teigen has reportedly stepped down from her guest role in an upcoming episode of Netflix’s Never Have I Ever following Courtney Stodden’s revelations about being bullied by Teigen a decade ago.


According to Variety, Teigen was supposed to have a guest voice over role in the teen comedy series—a Mindy Kaling project—before recently bowing out ahead of the show’s second season.

What bullying revelations, you’re wondering? In May, Stodden shared with the Daily Beast that Teigen had DM’d them in 2011 telling them to kill themselves. At the time Stodden had been recently married at 16 to 50-year-old Doug Hutchison. Other screenshots showed Teigen messaging them things like: “I hate you”; “go to sleep forever”; and “what drug makes you do that with your mouth? asking for a friend who really wants to know how to look like an idiot.”

Teigen apologized—sort of. In a Twitter thread last month, Teigen said she hoped Stodden could “heal knowing how deeply sorry [she is]” and then proceeded to talk about how hard she tries to “be beloved” by her Twitter fans and how she let them down. Somehow not a top concern for me!

In any case, Teigen seems to be facing some (relatively minor) consequences for her past behavior, of which the Netflix bow-out—and who knows really, if it was a bow-out—is the latest.

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Janet Snakehole37

The fact that she was 26 (not some 15 year old edgelord troll) when she told a child who was groomed for sex by a 50 year old predator to kill herself and that she hates fucking disturbing, jokes or not.

I used to be a fan, I have both her cookbooks and they are actually pretty great (easy to make, delicious, no weird expensive ingredients & intro to sambal olek paste) but as time went on...the most uncomfortable oversharing of her two extremely young children, the shillin of kardjenners as if they need more $ and publicity, “im just like you! so funny so relatable, im a troll tihihi” and then selling $40 chocolate & $15 FACE GLITTER i can find at Michaels for $3....

Girl. Come back to earth and re-evaluate yourself. Embrace your wealth. You are not like me. And thats ok. Your apology to Courtney was self-congratulatory bullshit and being mean online to rightwing neonazis just aint gonna cut it anymore.