Chris Brown Charged With Misdemeanor Possession of a Monkey Without a Permit

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Chris Brown has been in more serious trouble, no doubt about it. But still.

Us Weekly reported on Thursday that, based on court documents they obtained (filed on December 10), Brown has been charged with two misdemeanor counts of possession of a restricted species without a permit for retaining his pet capuchin monkey, Fiji.


The California Department of Fish and Wildlife has reportedly launched an investigation into the matter. The documents indicate that the monkey is suspected to have lived in Brown’s Los Angeles home between October 2017 and January 2018.

TMZ reports that if convicted Brown would face a maximum sentence of six months in jail. Brown’s court date is February 6.

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Fun story. My brother isn’t quite as wealthy as TPain but still didn’t lift a finger when I was in $50k of medical debt. I took care of it not through the generosity of a family member but through the folly of man. I called the hospital billing office to get on a payment plan and the customer service dude I spoke to was so incredibly rude and condescending that I called back and let one of his (female) colleagues know what happened. She apologized sincerely and said she’d have the manager get in touch with me. A week later, I got a letter in the mail saying they’d written off my entire debt. I guess that one dude was consistently causing problems for the billing office. I didn’t even have to argue my case. I wasn’t expecting that result, either. Just like poof, $50k debt erased forever.

Does this story have a point? Not really. Just to say that medical debt, like all debt, seems at least 99% made up.