Chris Brown Arrested for Battery in Florida

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Chris Brown has been arrested in Florida on an outstanding warrant for felony battery.

CBS News reports that it is still unclear as to what incident the battery charge is related to, but that Brown was booked on the charge in Palm Beach on Thursday and released on bond.

Brown has a highly publicized history of alleged violence that has not wavered since he was convicted of assaulting Rihanna in 2009. Just last month, a 24-year-old woman filed a restraining order against the artist, alleging that Brown “harassed and stalked” her and in May he was sued by another woman who says that she was raped in Brown’s home and held against her will. Former girlfriend Karreuche Tran also filed a restraining order against Brown last year after he allegedly threatened to kill her and in 2016 he was arrested at the home of former Miss California Baylee Curran for suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon.

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The hell you say! I thought for sure he’d turn over a new leaf after the other half-a-dozen arrests for the same damn thing...

(But seriously, this POS needs to be put somewhere.  Preferably where the toilets are metal.)