Carmelo Anthony Is Trying to Get La La Back By Liking Her Instagram Photos

Last week, basketball man Carmelo Anthony and his Kardashian-adjacent wife La La separated after almost seven years of marriage, reportedly because Carmelo got a woman who works at a “gentleman’s club” pregnant. This week, he’s doing just about everything he can to get her back.


According to TMZ, he’s really going the extra mile here to save their marriage. He’s sending texts. He’s telling her that he loves her. He’s apologized multiple times and suggested dates or vacations together, to make up for impregnating the gentleman’s club employee, who is reportedly six and half months pregnant.

Frankly, it sounds like he’s done just about everything one could in this situation, barring an edible arrangement that says “I’M SORRY OK DAMN” in pineapple chunks on a bed of decorative kale. There’s just one more thing he’s been doing that will definitely put La La back in his good graces.

He’s been liking her Instagram photos — something he apparently never did before. TMZ has the receipts, in the form of La La’s most recent Instagram pic in which she resembles a Kardashian cousin they never talk about. If the texting and the vacations and begging for forgiveness aren’t working, smashing that “like” button probably won’t either.


Here’s some more evidence that Chris Pratt is a ding-dong, courtesy of what might or might not be sponsored content for a Racheal Ray-backed pet food company called Nutrish (I’m very sorry I had to share that with you all, I’m not terribly pleased about it either.)

As part of a “prank” for BBC1 Radio, he called an exotic pet store and every sentence he said had to start with the next letter of the alphabet—less of a prank, really, and more like a game you play in a long car ride or in some version of Hell in which you are in an improv class for all of eternity.

Anyway, there’s the video if you feel like losing four minutes and twenty-six seconds of your life to watching the outline of his very-defined deltoids move under that henley.


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