La La Is Leaving Carmelo Anthony, Reportedly Because He Impregnated Another Woman

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Yesterday we learned that unwanted NBA star Carmelo Anthony and VJ/actress/Kardashian friend La La Anthony have separated after almost seven years of marriage. Now, details behind the split have leaked and it’s about as ugly as ever.


TMZ reports Carmelo has supposedly impregnated a woman who dances at a New York “gentlemen’s club,” and La La is understandably not thrilled:

Multiple sources tell us ... the other woman often works at a gentlemen’s club in NYC, and we’re told she’s claiming to be 6 and a half months pregnant with Melo’s child.

We’re also told she has made it clear to Melo she expects him to kick in for medical expenses and other baby related costs.

Sources close to both Melo and La La are telling us the marriage has been rocky for a while — and while the pregnancy wasn’t the tipping point, it certainly didn’t help.

I myself have a hard time understanding how your husband getting another woman pregnant could somehow not be the tipping point towards divorce, but then again, I am not a basketball wife.

Now, we can’t be especially surprised to learn that a NBA player was cheating on his wife, but the implication here—that Anthony couldn’t even bother with any sort of protection—is especially gross. There’s also the fact that they’re a sort of a mid-level power couple and a scandal like this will likely be a blow to whatever personal brand Carmelo Anthony has left.

To make things even more despicable, sources tell Page Six Anthony had a particularly dumbass way of rationalizing his infidelity:

One source said, “Melo’s tagline was ‘She’s married, I’m not’. That’s how he would justify it. His attitude is that all professional athletes do it, and many of them do. La La has put up with a lot. She knew it was going on, but I guess this time she’s had enough.”


Sources have stressed that the couple is merely separated for now, but if this news turns out to be true, let’s hope La La cuts her losses and gets the hell off of this sinking ship. And since they’re both in New York, I encourage her to give Huma Abedin a call so they can get together and bash their ain’t-shit husbands over pitchers of margaritas.

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