Cardi B's Coat of Many Feathers Is the Only Acceptable Outfit for Court

Image: via Getty

Cardi B showed up to a Queens court on Tuesday in an absolutely breathtaking feather coat and hat, rivaling Helena Bonham Carter’s recent London debut as a silky chicken. She might be facing felony assault charges (for allegedly attacking two women at a strip club in 2018) but has committed zero crimes of fashion. So sorry, I know this joke is terrible, my brain is very broken, I am drunk on all the feathers.

Not to mention the nails, which I presume glow in the dark:

Image: via Getty

Look at that train! This is how I envision the dinosaurs, now that Science has determined they were actually covered with feathers instead of scales.

Image: via AP

Let’s just take one more look at the nails, shall we?

Image: via Getty

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