Caitlyn Jenner Wants $1 Trillion Meant For High-Speed Rail to Fund the Border Wall Instead

The reality TV star turned California gubernatorial hopeful only cares about building a wall and protecting her private airplane hanger

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Image: Richard Drew (AP)

Caitlyn Jenner of Olympics and Kardashian-Jenner fame is somehow still running for governor of California. While the chances of California voters recalling its Democratic Governor Gavin Newsome appear slim, Jenner—a Republican with reactionary politics and a slim voting record—remains hopeful. And now, after exhausting her ignorant talking points about transgender kids in sports (despite being a transgender athlete herself) and homeless people, she’s doubling down on her opposition to funding high-speed rail in California.


The New York Post reports that Jenner is against President Biden revamping a $929 million federal grant for a high-speed rail project that would connect Los Angeles and San Francisco. The project’s due date: sometime in the 2030s. For Jenner, a woman who literally has her own airplane hanger, this is a waste of money!

From the New York Post:

Jenner told KABC-TV on Thursday, “We’re spending billions on a high-speed train to nowhere, okay? Take some of that money, go down to the border wall and completely finish on state land, completely finish the wall. We need protection.”

Jenner added: “But for those hardworking great people that are here, I want them to be able to get legal status.”

There’s plenty to quibble about over the cost of this high-speed rail project, which is unquestionably obscene and has increased exponentially over the years. But the United States has already fallen behind other nations on the high-speed rail front, to an embarrassing extent. High-speed rail can and should be the future of how many of us travel across the country, but only if our leaders decide to prioritize it like those in China, Japan, France, and Germany have.

Besides, we don’t need a wall to “protect” Americans. We need human immigration practices, robust asylum programs, and economic support and safety nets for Americans and newcomers alike. It’s a lot easier to say “please build the wall so the scary Mexicans don’t come in,” though. Unless they’re a “hardworking” one or whatever Jenner’s birdbrained logic lands on.

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I’m begging y’all to give this ghoul the LEAST amount of attention possible. I don’t care what “outrageous” or stupid donkey shit dribbles out her mouth — quit giving her oxygen. None of this is new or worthy of reporting on. I see some Jenner article basically every other day.

These “joke” candidates are jokes right up until they get elected into office riding an avalanche of free publicity. Happened with Arnold, happened with Trump; it’ll happen again.