Blac Chyna's Pregnancy Announcement Was Leaked Without Her Permission

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Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna are helping to build the next generation of Kris Jenner’s dynastic control of TV and social media via her offspring. But do they get any respect? No.


People reports that Blac Chyna is officially launching her emojis next Tuesday [writer’s note: what a time to be alive], and had planned to announce her pregnancy on Sunday. Unfortunately, somebody leaked it to the media first:

“She would have preferred to have announced it on Mother’s Day herself,” a rep for the model tells PEOPLE, “but her hand was forced.”

“The only people that knew from Chyna’s side was myself and Amber,” he says of her best friend Amber Rose. “Her mother didn’t even know. [Chyna’s] moment was taken from her, which is really sad.”

When it comes to why her future in-laws may have jumped the gun, the rep says “It’s the business. There’s a TV show to promote.”

Getting old seems more exciting with every new member of this family promising a lifetime of vicarious drama. Meanwhile, look at these nails:



Victoria Beckham aka “Posh Spice” admitted in an interview with Claudia Winkleman that she was actually “Shut The Hell Up Spice” to her friends. On Thursday, the former non-singer was at the Vogue 100: A Century of Style exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery in London, and she told the least surprised audience of all time that her mic was off during all Spice Girls concerts:

“They used to turn it off and just let the others sing... I got the last laugh - and now my mic is well and truly on, finally.”

“I was always the one that loved fashion and it was quite a result for me because the girls always used to get their clothes for free because they were crap and so there was a lot of budget for me to have my little Gucci dress,” she told the audience.


Gucci Spice got pretty salty there. [Telegraph]


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Oh the heartbreak, “her moment was taken from her.” Her precious moment of telling the twitterverse that she’s having her second baby. That’s such a milestone, a rite of passage that every girl dreams of from the time she is so small, this is an utter tragedy. How has this come to pass that in 2016, a supposedly enlightened time, a woman has been denied this most important moment of her life? So sad!