Billy Eichner Lands John Cho as His Boyfriend on Difficult People

Great news for fans of John Cho: he’s just been cast as Billy Eichner’s freaking boyfriend for the upcoming third season of Hulu’s Difficult People.


This lovely news comes via Deadline, who reports that Cho has booked a recurring role as Todd, an “an advertising executive who’s as much of a dick” as the titular difficult individuals. Watching John Cho play a dick that works in advertising sounds a teensy bit like his role in Selfie, that TV show that was cancelled pretty much immediately, but it might be the the jolt this show needs and I am here for it, one hundred percent.

As a casual viewer of Difficult People, a show about extremely self-involved New Yorkers who snark and snit and bicker at everything and anything that comes their way, it has been a wonder to me how any of these characters maintain their relationships. Yes, I understand that they’re difficult as it’s in the title and television is not reality, but still.

Anyway, this news is still exciting not only because it’s John Cho, but because the last time I recall Billy Eichner’s character Billy Epstein engaging in anything that resembled a relationship, it was in the second season premiere: he hooked up with an old-timey fellow named Cecil who rode a penny-farthing bike and turned out to be a collector of Nazi memorabilia. Seems fitting, I guess, for an asshole like Billy Epstein, but it’ll be fun to see him meet his match in whatever John Cho will bring to the table.

The third season of Difficult People will premiere on Hulu sometime in the summer.

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He’s always the best part of anything he’s in, so I’m happy that he’s got a new gig.

And now I’m going to have to start watching Difficult People.