Billy Bush Lawyers Up, Prepares to Fight If He Can't Agree on a Deal with NBC

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Photo: Getty

Irritating horsefly Billy Bush will not go quietly into that good night and has since armed himself with a variety of high-powered lawyers in order to fight the indefinite time-out he has found himself in after being caught on tape shooting the shit about sexually assaulting women with OG scary clown Donald Trump.


According to The Hollywood Reporter, Billy Bush has enlisted the services of Marshall Grossman to possibly enter litigation with NBC, who suspended him indefinitely following the now-infamous leaked footage from Access Hollywood in 2005 that shows Bush talking with Trump about grabbing women by the pussy. Grossman has reportedly refused to comment on the negotiations of Bush’s departure from the network, but has come to the defense of his client’s actions in the 2005 tape.

Citing workplace politics as an excuse for his client’s abhorrent behavior, Grossman told THR, “If Billy had been passive or responded ‘Shut the f— up’ to Trump, Billy would have been out of a job the next day.” You see, Donald Trump was the star of The Apprentice and Bush was a correspondent on Access: Hollywood. Had he crossed party lines and said something to anyone about Trump’s disgusting comments or even you know, not participated in the conversation, he would’ve been fired.

However, Bush also believes that any potential case stands a chance because he reportedly told his employer about the incident in August.

The former Access Hollywood host, whose contract pays him about $3 million a year, believes he has leverage in the talks because he had told NBC colleagues about his Trump conversation at least as far back as August, when he was covering the Olympics in Rio.

What Bush fails to mention is that according to various sources, he was actually bragging about the tape and failed to disclose that information to his new bosses at Today. And, NBC higher-ups maintain that Bush didn’t say jack shit about the tapes, their contents or his participation in the conversation until late last week, when they learned about it themselves.

It appears that Billy Bush will not go down without a fight, but something tells me that this crunchy-haired ghoul will somehow fail up.



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Calling it now. $10mil plus settlement. Even when they lose, they win. Ugh!