Bill O'Reilly Giddy During The View Fallout

The View returned live today for the first time since Thursday's headline-making show with guest Bill O'Reilly. The panel revealed some behind-the-scenes gossip about how excited Bill was over the attention that Whoopi and Joy's walkout would generate.

Whoopi and Joy explained themselves; Joy saying that she was standing up to bigotry, while Whoopi said that she left after she said "bullshit" as a precautionary measure, because she "knew what was coming next." Interestingly, Sherri mentioned that during the commercial break, Bill was "energized" over the conflict, and excited about the attention it would bring, leading the women to think that he intended to go on the show and stir the pot.

Later, Barbara gave her two cents, telling Whoopi and Joy that they gave Bill exactly what he wanted adding, "I think he loved the whole thing." During her prepared speech, she also managed to get a little dig in there about "copycats" like The Talk.

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Thus Spake Kate is effulgent.

God, I'm so over Barbara Walters constant need to be the voice of moral authority. Just because you've got a shit ton of experience on television doesn't mean you have some deeper insight into the workings of the world or the human psyche. She's my least favorite part of the The View, at least Hasselcrack is good for the lulz.

Fury, rage, screaming, and obscenities are more than good for the ratings, they express passion and can be righteously cathartic. I'm sure that our bourgeois liberal ideal of free speech within society also protects the decibel level at which we deliver it.

And actually, Babs, sometimes its actually is better to walk away. There are less legal repercussions for that than, say, knocking someone out.