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Hell Seriously Breaks Loose With Bill O'Reilly On The View

Today Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar stormed off the set after getting in a heated argument with guest Bill O'Reilly, who said, "Muslims killed us on 9/11." Before she left, Whoopi screamed, "That is such bullshit!"

The tension began the moment O'Reilly walked on and didn't great the panel with the customary handshakes hugs, and instead, fist-bumped them. Joy asked him, "Do you have OCD or germ-phobia?" Shortly thereafter, he needled Whoopi about her standoffish body language, and then intimated—with some incredibly creepy body language of his own—that he wanted to "kill" Joy.


But the shit really hit the fan when O'Reilly insisted that President Obama's popularity has waned due to his position on the proposed mosque at Ground Zero, saying that the majority of Americans don't feel that its construction at that location is appropriate because "Muslims killed us on 9/11."

After the two women left, Barbara Walters denounced their actions, saying that they should be able to have a calm discussion about these issues without leaving, but then she went on to give O'Reilly and earful, and demanded that he apologize to Muslims for lumping them in with extremists (which he did, begrudgingly). Not wanting to be left out of an important political debate, Elisabeth Hasselbeck weighed in, defending O'Reilly, saying that President Obama is actually to blame for the confusion about Muslims and extremists. Seriously.

Later, Whoopi and Joy returned, but only because O'Reilly apologized. The best part is that—playing off the title of his new book Pinheads and Patriots—Joy, Sherry, and Barbara all called O'Reilly a "pinhead" to his face. (Babs did it twice!)

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This is a perfect encapsulation of what political and opinion- based debate have been reduced to.

"You disagree with me, so you're an idiot. I'm going to talk over you and refuse to give credence to *anything* you have to say about anything, due to our difference in opinion."

Joy and Whoopi don't open anyone's eyes to a different viewpoint by storming off stage. Are they trying to create debate or just stamp their feet?

Do I think Bill O'Reilly is a pompous, elitist douche? You bet I do. But it's not because Whoopi and Joy think so and vocalize it; it's because he hangs himself on the knotty ropes of his own utterances.