Beware, Artists: Lisa Frank Is Hiring

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If you love unicorns and questionable labor practices, then you'll be happy to know that Lisa Frank, Inc. has a position open in its art department.


LFI posted a job listing on Craigslist, Los Angeles for a staff artist. It's a practice frequently utilized by the company, according to former LFI employees, who've said that the stationery brand has such a poor reputation in its hometown of Tucson, AZ that it often needs to look out of state for fresh blood.

Here's the listing:

Lisa Frank, a leading licensed brand, is recruiting a Staff Artist for their Art Department in Tucson, AZ. You will create concepts, detailed layouts and designs; incorporating drawings, characters, typography, borders and other design elements.

Candidate must have:
5-10 years professional experience with proven ability in packaging design for children's products
Consumer products background (preferably toy, stationery, or cosmetics)
Fresh eye on current trends
Passion, creativity, and new ideas
Expert-level knowledge of Adobe Illustrator and PhotoShop (CS6)
Strong design and color sense, with understanding of balance and composition
Ability to create original art / graphics
Strong attention to detail and ability to follow precise instructions
Experience working in a high traffic / quick turnaround environment

BFA or equivalent degree preferred.
Fine art background/experience a huge plus!

Please email us a link to your portfolio your resume, availability and salary history/requirements.

***Relocation to Tucson is required***



Too bad they aren't looking for someone for their IT department, this guy would fit right in.