Bad Girls Club Reunion: Perez Hilton Gets A Verbal Smackdown

Last night, on part two of the reunion special, host Perez Hilton told one of the women—Flo—that she wasn't "normal." In response, she screamed, "That's why you got punched in the face by Will.I.Am, 'cause you're a bitch!"

It's kind of satisfying to watch him get scared, especially after all the body-snarking he did toward these girls during part one last week.

And then there's Natalie. This girl is vile. I had absolutely no expectations of even the slightest bit of decency from this woman, yet somehow, I'm still shocked by how disgusting she is. Perez asked her to address the comments she made about Rihanna. (Natalie claims to have dated Chris Brown—which he denies—and said on the show that Rihanna deserved the beating she got from him.) Natalie took the opportunity on the reunion show to ammend her previous statements by saying she doesn't condone domestic violence, but then immediately contradicted herself by saying that she believes that if someone hits you, you should hit them back. She actually thinks that being manipulative, cruel, and loud is the same thing as being smart, which is not only an ignorant approach to life, but a pretty stupid one. She's just barf in every way. Romy and Michelle put it best about the type of jerk Natalie is: "You're a bad person with an ugly heart and we don't give a flying fuck what you think."


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The reunion was just one long trip to Crazytown on the Crazy Express. I do have to hand it to Anne though. Despite hating to be hit, she did her best to protect/move Amber out of the way from the blows.