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Azealia Banks Is Filing A Report of Battery Over Whatever Happened With Russell Crowe

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Azealia Banks went to Russell Crowe’s house for dinner Sunday night and, following some sort of altercation, was kicked out. Russell Crowe didn’t apologize for kicking her out, but I guess she thought he should have, because she went to the cops.

Crowe claims he didn’t do anything wrong; Banks thinks he very much did. TMZ reports that Banks was “bear-hugged” out of the room by Crowe which is maybe an okay way to handle the situation. But, Crowe won’t apologize because he didn’t do anything wrong. So, to the police Azealia goes!


In lieu of showing out on Twitter (she let her publicist do that), Banks took to Facebook. In a statement that has since been deleted, she writes:

“The truth will be out on Wednesday.

I am 100% innocent in this matter. No matter how you feel about me no person deserves to be handled that way. And I will not be threatened or chastised into keeping quiet

This man MUST and WILL be held accountable for his actions.

This is the most expensive mistake he will ever make in his life.”

Oh good lord. Good luck to both parties.

[Perez Hilton / TMZ]

Oh my goodness, what a delightful bit of information: Tyra Banks is “still afraid” of Naomi Campbell, like fourteen years after their “public feud.” Makes sense to me!


In an interview with Norwegian-Swedish talk show Skavlan, Tyra recounts the tale of her come up in a manner that is so delightful, so simply Tyra that I feel compelled to watch America’s Next Top Model in its entirety right now.

“I got to Paris, and it was very difficult...I did really well really fast, but then the industry was saying, ‘Oh, look out, Naomi Campbell, here comes Tyra Banks! So Naomi Campbell, sit your butt down. This younger one is coming to take your place.’”

It wasn’t fair to Naomi. ... To this day, I’m very scared of her.”

To be fair, the industry did pit the two of them against each other which is shitty. And, Naomi reacted to the presence of Tyra on the come up the way that anyone in her position would have.


“I don’t want to go too deep into the past, but it was very difficult — like some of the lowest times in my life — dealing with that,” Banks said. Thankfully, the feud is over and has been for a minute, but I guess the spectre of Naomi’s wrath looms large.

[Us Weekly]

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