Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson Continue to Be Broken Up Yet Talk About One Another Nonstop

Somehow, it simultaneously seems as if Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson broke up both 30 seconds and 30 years ago.


After a busy week of newsworthy SNL promos and a series of deleted tweets, the Grande/Davidson saga seems to have reached a (sort of) amicable conclusion.

On Saturday night, Grande released the breakup anthem “Thank U, Next” in which she thanks Davidson, along with other exes Big Sean, the late Mac Miller, and Ricky Alvarez for the lessons their relationships taught her.

“One taught me love/One taught me patience/And one taught me pain/Now I’m so amazing/Say I’ve loved and I’ve lost/But that’s not what I see/So look what I got/Look what you taught me/And for that I say/Thank u, next/Thank u, next/Thank u, next/I’m so fucking grateful for my ex.”

Apparently, Big Sean and Alvarez were privy to the song, which mentions them by name, before its release. Though it remains unclear whether Davidson, who is also named, knew about the song, which dropped minutes before Saturday Night Live aired.

Davidson also addressed the breakup on Saturday Night Live’s “Weekend Update,” explaining to the audience that he had plenty of time to keep up with the midterm elections because he’d recently “had to move back in with my mom.”

After a pretty funny segment where he described Indiana congressional candidate (and Mike Pence brother) Greg Pence as a “Ken Doll that spent a year in a river,” and himself as looking like someone “who makes vape juice in a bathtub” he finally addressed the breakup directly:

“And the last thing I will say is, I know some of you are curious about the breakup but the truth is, it’s nobody’s business, and sometimes things just don’t work out, and that’s OK,” he said. “She’s a wonderful, strong person, and I genuinely wish her all the happiness in the world. Now please, vote on Tuesday.”

It’s okay, everybody. We’re all going to get through this. Like Ariana says:

“I know they say I move on too fast/But this one gone last/Cause her name is Ari.”



I like them both, but I think Ariana is being petty as shit. Pete is a comedian and all of the jokes he’s made after the breakup have been at HIS expense. She has vastttlllyyy more power than he has yet she continues to go after him. Releasing a song right before SNL, even if it doesn’t include anything bad about him, is childish (and the title of it is obviously a dig at Pete). Pete looked so much better than she did last night on weekend update. I have seen a lot of people being all “Girl Power” with this but she is totally punching down and there is nothing powerful about this.