Anorexic Model On Recent Weight Gain, Weird Freckles

Isabelle Caro, the model from the Milan Fashion Week anti-anorexia billboard, was interviewed on CBS' Early Show this morning. She discussed the controversy over the ad and talked about what's been up with her since then — namely, her weight. She's gained four pounds in the past month, and now weighs 66 pounds, a vast improvement from last year, when she only weighed about 55. But more interestingly, she discussed her character-defining large freckles, which, on the billboard, stood out almost as much as her hip bones. The freckles are drawn on, she says, in an attempt draw attention away from her body.

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Jenna Sauers

Isabelle Caro is not a model. She's never modeled professionally: She's 5'4". She wasn't hired for this ad as a model, she was hired as an anorexic. In articles, she always describes herself as an actress. And she blames her mother for her anorexia - not the fashion industry.