Anorexic Model Admits Some People Find Her Unpretty, But Anorexics Totes Disagree!

The Milan Fashion Week billboard anorexic speaks! And oh my god she is so brave:

"I've hidden myself and covered myself for too long. Now I want to show myself fearlessly, even though I know my body arouses repugnance."


That's her in Italian Vanity Fair. Presumably this means the model, Isabelle Caro, is not to be confused with the anorexic model also surnamed Caro whose deathcampy "erotic" naked photos are thinspiring legions of young pro-anas as we speak?

She looks great! At the naked picture where she grabs her leg you can see that there is practically no fat on her thighs and butt! I'M JEALOUS!!!


Because we couldn't get access to the official pro-ana Isabelle Caro thread (we're wayyyyy too fat for that!) we're going to assume they're different rexy 'Caro's, but that the reaction, in the ana community, would be about the same, because anorexia is not about being attractive but conveying superiority and control via outward appearances, which is why it gets along so well in the world of fashion.

Anorexic Actress Provokes Row With Naked Actors [Times of London]

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