An Inevitable Arrest On Housewives

Last night, we finally got to see Danielle in the same room as the other Housewives—for the first time since last season's reunion episode—when the ladies attended Kim D.'s fashion show. Unsurprisingly, it ended in an arrest.

Danielle is unraveling this season. She has like a kilo-sized chip on her shoulder, and it's making her paranoid. She can't even handle mundane interactions with retail clerks without thinking that it's part of a larger conspiracy—on the part of most of the world—to destroy her.

Oh, also, I came up with a really good way to keep the Kims straight. Kim D. (the owner of Posche) is "D" for drunk. Kim G. (the bored, rich older lady who's up for anything, including televised stripping tutorials) is "G" for G-string.

Feeling "dissed" by Kim D. for various reasons—paying her water bill, inviting people to a public event—Danielle decided to take a cue from Paris Hilton and pretend she was on the phone during Kim's fashion show, to demonstrate her displeasure. Clearly, this is not the only lesson that Danielle has learned from Paris.


Also, did you catch when she called Jacqueline's daughter Ashley a "coke whore"? Talk about projection.

Finally, toward the end of the episode, the long-awaited confrontation between Danielle, Teresa and Jacqueline began, thanks to Teresa's insistence on being a "sweet person" as she waited in the hallway to catch Danielle on her way out of the venue. Danielle could've used a fur bolero of her own, because the greeting was chilly. The episode cuts off there, but the previews show a lot of running around, weave-pulling, screaming, crying, and cop cars. If you don't want to wait till July 12, and want a spoiler, you can see how this all resolved here.

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I'd love for them to do Real Housewives of Indianapolis.

It'd be a bunch of slightly overweight thirtysomethings with between one and five kids hanging out with their girlfriends, whose idea of getting crazy is having a margarita at TGI Fridays. Also, one of them is secretly a meth addict. And two of them are in serious financial difficulty.