Alleged Abuser Shia LaBeouf Is Taking A Break From Acting

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Shia LaBeouf is reportedly no longer represented by the talent agency CAA, the Hollywood Reporter confirmed on Tuesday evening. However, sources say the actor wasn’t dropped by the agency but made the decision himself to take a break from acting and the entertainment industry more broadly after checking into inpatient treatment over a month ago.

This news comes a couple of months after LaBeouf’s ex-girlfriend FKA Twigs filed a lawsuit accusing the actor of assault, sexual battery, and emotional abuse over the course of their relationship. Since Twigs went public with her allegations against LaBeouf, a number of his former partners have come forward with their own stories of abuse and manipulation they allegedly experienced during their relationships with the actor.

When I first saw the news that LaBeouf was no longer being represented by CAA, I was delusionally hopeful that he’d been dropped as a client by the agency as a response to the allegations of abuse. I know, I know, it was foolish, but the news that both Armie Hammer and Marilyn Manson were dropped by their respective talent agencies soon after being accused of abuse by multiple women gave me the tiniest bit of hope that famous and wealthy white men might have to actually face consequences for their allegedly abusive and violent behavior.


But, instead of losing career opportunities for his history of allegedly abusive behavior with multiple partners, LeBeouf was able to just step away from the spotlight—leaving open the possibility that he could return and attempt to re-establish his career in the future, even without ever taking responsibility for his behavior.

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This was kind of the point I was making on a previous Armie Hammer post. He’s not really a star, but an actor who has had some success. Marilyn Manson is a has-been. LaBeouf is his generation’s Dustin Hoffman so he gets to write his own rules.