All the Best Bachelor in Paradise Drama Is Happening Off the Show

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This season of Bachelor in Paradise has had no shortage of drama, much of which isn’t on camera. Blake Horstmann boned both Caelynn Miller-Keyes and Kristina Schulman at Stagecoach, the country music Coachella. Dean Unglert grew an unfortunate mustache and started living in a van. Demi Burnett, everyone’s favorite contestant from Colton Underwood’s season of The Bachelor, revealed she’s been dating a woman back home in Los Angeles... while falling for Derek Peth in Paradise. She’s been forthright with him, and he’s accepted that she’s in a complicated situation. He respects that she’s working through her recent revelation that her sexuality is fluid. The show has become an incestuous nightmare, and I couldn’t be more into it.


The latest off-stage beef comes via Tanner Tolbert, who famously found his wife Jade Roper on a previous season of Bachelor in Paradise before becoming a SponCon daddy, decided to call out Burnett for dating two people at once. Tolbert tweeted that she “planned to leave the show engaged to this girl,” referring to the Los Angeles woman. (My guy... she’s single? Cool it.) He then reiterated his story to Entertainment Tonight, saying, “Bachelor in Paradise is a special show to me, and I want its integrity to be upheld. Demi is being fully hypocritical. On The Bachelorette, she called a guy out on night one for coming in with a girlfriend. I have 100 percent heard from multiple people [including other alumni,] that she [had a plan heading into Paradise]. People were talking about it back in May.”

Naturally, Demi got pissed and stood her ground.

In a deleted tweet, Tanner allegedly compared Demi to Jed Wyatt, Bachelorette Hannah Brown’s former fiancé, who won the last season while having a girlfriend home in Nashville the entire time. He was looking to further his country music career, when the guy should really just stop altogether. (At the finale, Brown asked her runner-up, Tyler Cameron, out on a date. He accepted, but he’s also dating Gigi Hadid right now.)

Naturally, Tanner’s accusation pissed off Brown, who tweeted that Jed and Demi are “not the same.”


Tanner has yet to respond to Brown, but I’m sure it’s only a matter of time. My question is: Why does he care? Surely his wife doesn’t? Let Demi live. Also: I need to see her girlfriend, for my health. Bring her to Mexico.

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Not nearly enough is being made of that PERFECT “Maybe I can teach you a thing or two about going down on your wife”. Demi wins forever.