Baby's First Sponcon

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A blessed thing happened Thursday: Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert, two people who defied the odds and found actual love and happiness on Bachelor in Paradise, welcomed a beautiful baby into this miserable old world. The two shared the happy news on Instagram, where they revealed her sex (“girl”), health (“perfect”), and first paid sponsor (“AvaWoman”).


AvaWoman, as Jezebel’s Deputy Editor Kate Dries kindly pointed out last night on Twitter (as well as—humblebrag—in a text message to yours truly), is a company that makes cycle-tracking products for women who want to become pregnant. Their Ava bracelet offers “effortless insight about your fertility, pregnancy, and your health,” and it appears that Roper used the device to help plan for her new bundle of joy.

Every child is a miracle, and so is every piece of #sponcon.


According to Radar Online (yikes), Kourtney Kardashian is going to follow in her famous father’s footsteps and become a lawyer.

The eldest Kardashian daughter has reportedly been toying with the idea of going back to school for some time, but life, as they say, has kept getting in the way. But now, what with her drama with Scott subsiding and the kids getting a little older, she apparently wants to give it an honest shot. Said a source:

“She’s very proud of her father’s achievements and she knows he always wanted her to be a lawyer. She’s already looking into doing a course online so she can still be around the kids.”




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I’m not going to make fun of Kourtney Kardashian, even if I’m not sure online law school exists (maybe a pre-law bachelors does?). I mean, good for her, it’s a more worthy goal than the fake lips and ridiculous Pepsi ads the rest of the family peddles. Also, online courses are the only available option for lots of people, so I don’t like to mock them.