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Alexis Bledel Sneakily Birthed a Child While the Tabloids Weren't Looking

Illustration for article titled Alexis Bledel Sneakily Birthed a Child While the Tabloids Werent Looking

Having been robbed of other earthly joys like living their lives in peace, a fun pastime for celebrities seems to be getting pregnant and then seeing how long they can hide that fact from the press. Alexis Bledel and her husband, Vincent Kartheiser, are so good at the game that they managed to keep their child unknown to the public for at least six months. Game point, Bledel! Eva Mendez owes her five bucks or a helicopter or something.


The pair may have been able to keep the awful truth (fine, their baby) a secret forever had Bledel’s Gilmore Girls co-star Scott Patterson not blown their cover in an interview with Glamour:

She’s really blossomed as a woman and now she’s a proud new mother and married and happy. I remember her as an 18-year-old kid, fresh out of college coming into Hollywood and being a little overwhelmed. She’s just the most likable, intelligent person and adorable human being. She hasn’t changed at all. She looks the same.


It’s fun to imagine the elaborate lengths the two must have gone to to hide their child, who is probably well on his way to walking and mouthing the words “I exist! Please believe me!” to passersby. Did they disguise him as a bag of groceries? Did they have all of their coats outfitted with a special, baby-sized inner-pocket? Did they toss him (gently) into a nearby pile of boxes and scream “WHAT BABY?” every time someone approached them for an autograph?

A rep for Bledel came clean to E! News, confirming that yes, the creature they’d been telling everyone was just their new hairless dog is, in fact, their human toddler.

The couple also got married in secret, which really makes you wonder what else they’re hiding.

Image via AP.

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I mean, this isn’t the first time Pete Campbell’s baby mama kept her pregnancy and delivery a secret.