Pete Campbell and Rory Gilmore Had a 'Top Secret' Wedding

Lovebirds Vincent Kartheiser and Alexis Bledel — aka Pete Campbell and Rory Gilmore — got secretly married earlier this summer.

The pair met while she was filming a guest star arc on Mad Men wherein she and Pete Campbell had weird sad thirsty extramarital sex together, and have been engaged since last year. According to E! and other sources, the pair wanted to keep their nuptials on the DL and avoid publicity, which is how you know they actually like each other.


They also used to look so, so, so much alike when they were younger. Yeah, that's teen heartthrob Vincent Kartheiser on the right, before Pete Campbell was even a glint in his eye.

If they ever have a child, that child will have an eye color that is legally classified as "soul-piercing."

Images via AMC/Getty/Teen Beat

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