A YouTube Psychic Saw This James Charles Drama Coming

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The death of Paul, the octopus who predicted the outcome of the 2010 World Cup, left an opening for a preeminent internet pop culture psychic, a title that remained unclaimed for nearly a decade. But now, Paul’s predecessor has emerged. YouTube psychic Ant, who is a human psychic, accurately predicted that James Charles would soon be embroiled in a “sister drama” nearly two weeks before the sister drama began.


On April 30, a full ten days before James Charles and Tati Westbrook became embroiled in the hair vitamin scandal that shook the world, Ant read James Charles’ tarot cards and “foresaw a major falling out with a friend.” As we now know, that friend was Westbrook, Charles’ former mentor and current architect of his cancellation. The cards showed Charles “being betrayed by someone he’s very close to,” a person “maybe older than him,” but definitely “more savvy than he is.”

There is certainly no shortage of savvy players in this drama.


Is Britney Spears clapping back at Larry Rudolph through interpretive dance? God, I hope so.

However, TMZ is reporting that this video is actually from March based on Britney’s outfit. But as an ardent fan of Britney’s Instagram, I would like to counter that she also wore those shorts to jump rope in October and rehearse in November. She may just really love those shorts, which is very relatable to someone currently blogging in the same sweatpants she wore while blogging on Tuesday.

Assuming she is responding to Rudolph’s assertion that she’s not ready to perform and may never be, why “Scream”? What does it mean? (There was no avoiding that.)


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Britney really “It’s Britney, Bitch”ed that whole clapback, huh? Good for her.

I canot not stop laughing at the pose they have Khloe in. lol