A Bunch of Louis C.K.'s Work Is Being Pulled From Distribution, Including I Love You, Daddy [Updated]

Photo: Getty Images
Photo: Getty Images

Justice comes excruciatingly slowly and then all at once, as evidenced by the fallout from the recent allegations that Louis C.K. has a habit of masturbating in front of women against their will.


Ahead of the publication of the New York Times story that presented the first on-the-record allegations against C.K on Thursday, the New York premiere of his film was cancelled. The Times story brought to light what had been rumored for years; as so many other men now face allegations of sexual predation, the companies that employ them are finally taking action.

Deadline reports that Louis CK’s film I Love You, Daddy has been dropped by distributor The Orchard, who wrote in a very terse statement that they “will not be moving forward with the release of I Love You, Daddy.” Netflix has also taken a stand; in a statement released Friday, they called C.K.’s behavior “unprofessional and inappropriate” before announcing that they would not be moving forward with the second of two stand-up specials they’d planned. HBO has also announced that C.K would be no longer be participating in the upcoming benefit “Night of Too Many Stars: America Unites for Autism Programs” and that they have removed his past projects from their on demand services. FX, the network that has been home to many of C.K’s projects including his eponymous sitcom Louie, as well as Better Things and Baskets, has announced that they’ll be conducting a review, saying that while they’ve “received no allegations of misconduct” during C.K’s time with the network, “the matter is currently under review.”

Update, 4:55 P.M.: FX has officially cut ties with Louis C.K., cancelling any connection between them and his production company, Pig Newton, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

“Now is not the time for him to make television shows,” a statement from the network reads. “Now is the time for him to honestly address the women who have come forth to speak about their painful experiences.”

C.K. has also been dropped by his management company, 3 Arts Management, who wrote in a statement, “This behavior is totally unacceptable in all circumstances and must be confronted and addressed.”



I know this has been mentioned and written about (the Anna Merlan/Madeleine Davis “On Rumors” post yesterday was fantastic), but I still remember the avalanche of protest from his fans when these “rumors” surfaced on gawker and then the subsequent posts on Jezebel. I get occasional (and sometimes deserved) shit from other commenters for things I say, but I wrote some pretty innocuous reply saying I thought he was creepy and the rumors believable and you would have thought I’d admitted to making out with Mike Pence for all the grief I got. It was borderline irrational.