2013 Was the Year of Black Twitter.

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There have always been ridiculous racial moments in American pop culture but before 2013, black folks went to places like Facebook to chat about foolishness like Miley Cyrus' sad attempt at dancing or Armani's misplaced love for Idris Elba. Now there is Black Twitter, where people of color from everywhere can weigh in on the latest tomfoolery with sarcastic, lightning speed and 140 characters.


Ironic hashtags like #tmzreports were also a gift this year, lampooning moments like when the gossip news outlet reported that the late Boston bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev was "heavy into hip-hop" back in April. Black Twitter was not impressed, and gems like these were born:

This level of sardonic, "it's funny because it could be true" jokes rolled on for the rest of the year (and will hopefully continue to do so).

Complex counted down the biggest names on Black Twitter ā€” and if you follow no one else, Erin and I suggest you add Desusnice. He is hilarious. Elsewhere, here's a countdown of the best Black Twitter moments. Enjoy.



"But ... but ... how come the blacks get their own twitter? The blacks wld call us racists if we had white twitter. WHoz the racists now?!"