Armani Confuses Alfre Woodard with Idris Elba, Prompts #armanicaptions

On Monday night, Akoto Ofori-Atta of The Root posted a screen cap of a photo from Armani's Instagram account that the clothing company had captioned "Idris Elba poses in a gorgeous Giorgio @armani dress at the 5th Annual Governors Awards." The news that Idris Elba was wearing a dress would certainly have been something, but no; it was really a photo of actress Alfre Woodard.

According to comments on their Instagram account, after posting the photo of Woodard, Armani posted a picture of Elba with Naomie Harris and referred to her his girlfriend. Both the photo of Woodard and the photo of Elba and Harris are still up, captions amended.


Armani also apparently sent out inaccurate tweets for the photos as well, before fixing those too.

The mistake prompted the creation of the hashtag #armanicaptions with sometimes hilarious results:


The company has yet to apologize or make a statement.

Alfre Woodard shows up as Idris Elba [The Root]

Screenshot via The Root/Armani/Instagram

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