10 Things You May Have Missed On TV This Week

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In this week's compilation of pop culture crap, we learn Coco's measurements, discover that vaginas come in different shapes and realize that Billy Bush is — surprise! — kind of an asshole.


1.) Coco's measurements.
In case you were wondering, she's 39.5, 24, 40. Ice-T follows this up by appropriately quoting Sir Mix-a-Lot.

2.) Billy Bush is an asshole.
It's one thing for the Access Hollywood hosts to "joke" about violently beating Mildred Baena, the mother of Arnold's love child, but why did he have to make a sexual innuendo about her? On daytime TV, no less.

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3.) Poor Maria.
Meanwhile, did The Insider have to do this? Hasn't this woman been through enough? Do they really have to turn her hair appointment into a scandal?

4.) Audrina Patridge's mom.
God, Lady Lynn is amazing. It's disappointing that it's taken her this long to land a spot on reality television, but now that it's finally happened, the world is a lot better. Well, not really. It's actually worse. She doesn't know the difference between "SUV" and "SPF" but still manages to get her own skin care line. Nevertheless, she's forgiven for that because when she sees people who she thinks look intelligent, she says they "look like college."


5.) Irresponsibility can earn you money.
According to this commercial for an ambulance-chasing law firm, if you and your friends act like complete idiots in a car and cause an accident, you are entitled to financial compensation.


6.) Babies having babies.
This week, 16 & Pregnant aired one hour of unseen moments. In this one, we learn that the girl whose baby daddy didn't "believe in" adoption refused to breastfeed her infant because it's icky and because she believes that it would require too much of her attention.


7.) Identity crisis.
This week on So You Think You Can Dance, producers kind of glossed over a rather interesting factoid about one contestant: He grew up believing he was Caucasian.


8.) Margaret Cho.
This week on The Talk, she very candidly spoke about her open marriage and how she's great friends with her husband's girlfriend of two years.


9.) Teachable moment.
Did you know that there are all different kinds of vagina shapes?


10.) Basketball Wives throwdown.
Even if you've never seen this show before, every second of this altercation is fascinating because of two things: The amount of importance these women all place on Twitter interactions and how large all of their earrings are.



19 inch waist? I don't know if thats possible without major corsetry on a grown women. I think my thigh is bigger than that, and Im a short girl with chicken legs.